Visionary Surfboard Raffle Complete Entry List


Here’s everyone who has donated to the surfboard raffle, either by buying a surfboard ticket for our event or by donating to our paypal account! Thanks to everyone for supporting such a great cause- all of the money raised from this part of East Coast Visions goes directly to our two charities, Surfers Against Sewage &

Visionary Surfboard 2018, shaped by Glenn Nary


Good luck to everyone in the draw, can’t wait to see a photo of the winner on the board!

p.s. all @mentions are Instagram handles, and where we personally know the entrant there may be an abbreviated name.

1. JC
2. Tess Page
3. Laura Def
4. @k4fins
5. JC
6. S Haagensen
7. @worjustin
8. @jacksonshole
9. Rich Newby
10. Murdoch Allan
11. @srwpatterson
12. @worjustin
13. Duncan Allan
14. @drewbafana
15. Duncan Allan
16. S Haagensen
17. Swifty
18. Andrea C
19. Duncan Allan
20. K Haagensen
21. JC
22. Duncan Allan
23. @saltwatershots
24. G Page
25. @jacksonshole
26. K Haagensen
27. Rich Newby
28. @worjustin
29. Laura Def
30. @jacksonshole
31. @drewbafana
32. Rich Newby
33. Toby Page
34. @stevencco
35. @stevencco
36. S Haagensen
37. JC
38. @saltwatershots
39. Rich Newby
40. Andrea C
41. @stevencco
42. @jacksonshole
43. @stevencco
44. Andrew Skinner
45. @drewbafana
46. @stevencco
47. Ross Kean
48. K Haagensen
49. Michael J Hitchen
50. Murdoch Allan
51. Gemma Yates
52. @saltwatershots
53. Gemma Yates
54. Gemma Yates
55. Murdoch Allan
56. Gemma Yates
57. @drewbafana
58. Jonny Anderson
59. @callum__swift
60. @worjustin
61. Gillian Anderson
62. Kev Anderson
63. Andrea C
64. S Haagensen
65. Sam Anderson
66. Laura Def
67. Swifty
68. Ignacio Sanchez
69. @srwpatterson
70. Ignacio Sanchez
71. @saltwatershots
72. Ignacio Sanchez
73. Ignacio Sanchez
74. @callum__swift
75. Mark Hampshire
76. @dscorer
77. @dscorer
78. @dscorer
79. @dscorer
80. @saltwatershots
81. Mark Hampshire
82. Andrea C
83. Mark Hampshire
84. K Haagensen
85. Mark Hampshire
86. Mark james sand
87. @jennyjonessnow
88. @srwpatterson
89. @worjustin
90. Murdoch Allan
91. Mark james sand
92. Mark james sand
93. Mark james sand
94. @wim.stevenson
95. Adam Rusbridge
96. Joe Roberts
97. @smupwalton
98. @smupwalton
99. @srwpatterson
100. A Page
101. @srwpatterson
102. @smupwalton
103. @wim.stevenson
104. @smupwalton
105. K Page
106. @wubada
107. @wim.stevenson
108. Andrea C
109. @smupwalton
110. @wim.stevenson
111. @smupwalton
112. Cliff Evers
113. Cliff Evers
114. Cliff Evers
115. Cliff Evers
116. Wim Stevenson
117. Wim Stevenson
118. Wim Stevenson
119. Wim Stevenson
120. Mark James Sand
121. Mark James Sand
122. Mark James Sand
123. Mark James Sand
124. Rachel Kain
125. Rachel Kain
126. Rachel Kain
127. Rachel Kain
128. Elliot Vernon
129. Elliot vernon
130. Elliot Vernon
131. Elliot Vernon
132. Elliot Vernon
133. Emily Wyman
134. Jordy Walker
135. Jordy Walker
136. Jordy Walker
137. Jordy Walker

East Coast Visions Jenny Jones 2018 Prizes

With only a few days to go till the next instalment of East Coast Visions we wanted to pull together a few of the prizes on offer for the 2018 fundraising raffle. This list will grow as additional prizes are confirmed.

Big thanks to all of our contributors for helping us to give a little more back to the charities we’re supporting this time around.

First up, our main prize- the amazing surfboard made by Glenn Nary at Visionary Surfboards.

Visionary Surfboard 2018, shaped by Glenn Nary

The only thing missing from the photograph above is thankfully being provided by the kind folks at #Koalition who have provided a fin fit for Duke Kahanamoku himself to get you out in the water with a huge grin on your face. What a combination!

Koalition Fins East Coast Visions Fin prize

Supporting us since day one, Northcore have kindly donated an excellent Beach Basha Pro changing robe & the arguably even more essential Surf Shields ear plugs, which are a must have for cold water surfers wanting to avoid Surfer’s ear.

Northcore fundraising contribution to EastCoastVisions 2018

New supporters of the event Montane have this excellent backpack on offer:

Montane’s East Coast Visions Raffle prize 2018

For the second time The Lost Explorer have contributed to the raffle, this time with a gift pack full of things to help you survive a serious adventure. Featuring three of the best protective creams available, covering germ protection, insect repellant, skin repairs and bumps & bites on the road. Protection for life outdoors. The Lost Explorer’s ‘Guide to Living Curiously’ is also included, and along with more brand info it’s also got all the details of these environmentally sound products. With a beach bag to keep them in this is a special prize with limited availability in the UK.

Lost Explorer gift pack for East Coast Visions 2018.

Our Venue for the April 2018 edition is the fantastic TyneBank Brewery, and they have generously not only provided this amazing space but have also given us some of their amazing beer to give away!

TyneBank Brewery
Raffle prizes for East Coast Visions

Contributors Wall is a space inside TyneBank Brewery which will feature Art and Photography which has been specially curated for the event. Every piece on the wall will be raffled off on the night to raise money for the charities we’re supporting.

A space for YOUR art & photography at East Coast Visions. 100% fundraising raffle.

Carve Magazine is the UK’s foremost Surf publication, and they have given us another stellar prize with a subscription to the magazine, plus a couple of Carve T-Shirts.

Carve Surfing Magazine


MagicSeaweed is the forecasting service which is most used by Surfers in the UK, and if you really want all the information on what’s happening in the water you need the Pro account. We’re delighted to have two of them to give away for free!

Anto Baird’s photography on his expedition to South Georgia is up in Exhibition format, and you can take away one of the prints on Friday 20th. From the same place as the BBC’s Blue Planet, come and pick up a penguin…!

Anto Baird’s ‘South Georgia- way off piste’ Exhibition at Tynebank Brewery, East Coast Visions 2018
Anto Baird: Penguin Life from the ‘South Georgia- Way Off Piste Exhibition’

South Shields surf school are offering the gift that keep giving: surf lessons! Full details on the flyer below, and a great opportunity to get out in the water with a professional surf instructor.


South Shields Surf Lessons East Coast Visions raffle prize 2018

Montane Backpack Raffle Prize

As part of the process of bringing adventurous people together, we are hoping that our speakers can inspire our audience to carpe diem & get out there on their own voyage of discovery.

Success on an expedition can sometimes hinge on the simplest of components- so it’s great to be able to offer two adventure proof pieces of kit from one of the great expedition brands to those who attend the event, and generate more funds for our two charities, Surfers Against Sewage and Snow Camp.

Montane have  kindly provided an excellent piece of kit with the Halogen 25 bag. These day bags are real all-rounders, carefully constructed to make it easy to get on a mission with the essentials.

We’re in MELTDOWN! The Cheese Run is coming!

So, you’ve been battling a mountain all day somewhere in the Alps. Accomplishments made, and targets achieved you down whatever weapons you chose to take on the immovable object, and thoughts turn to dinner. As your body politely asks for a balanced evening meal, with sustenance covering all the major food groups, a little voice pipes up in the back of your mind and starts whispering things about…. cheese.

Cheese, grill, gondola. The stuff of dreams.

As ubiquitous as the mountains themselves, savoyard cuisine is something to treasure about European mountain life, and we’re not stupid enough to organise an event which is supposed to celebrate that life without thinking of the king of all savoyard dishes: the mighty Raclette! And the great news for us is that we knew a man similarly crazy enough to have brought an authentic Ski Gondola all the way from Ishgl just for the purpose of making eating cheese feel a bit more like you’re on holiday. Enter, to rapturous applause, the genius of The Cheese Run

UK’s smallest Gondola Restaurant, serving only the best cheese, pickles, & unreal mountain food.

For the purposes of our event we aren’t actually going to use the Gondola as the smallest restaurant in the UK- mainly because you can only fit 6 people in it, and when you close the doors you cant see or hear the presenters! Instead the Raclette will be firing all night and the gondola will be free for you to get involved in our raffle and ‘Ask Jenny‘.

So basically, for just one night- THE GONDOLA IS OUR PHOTOBOOTH…!

If you have a question for our Olympian main speaker Jenny Jones, all you gotta do is get in the bubble and take a daft/ nice/ serious picture (selfie or artistic images accepted) of you and whoever you’re with. Upload it to Instagram & tag it with:


Write your question in the body of your post and we only hope that you’re not all completely crazy…..!

We will ask Jenny whatever your questions are at the end of her talk, and she will then decide who wins a raffle prize based on the content you create…!

Don’t forget your ski pass….!

2018 Visionary Surfboard Raffle

We are back on the 20th of April 2018 for another instalment of East Coast Visions, and have two great charities to support from our raffle in Surfers Against Sewage and Snow Camp. In short- we’re supporting clean seas and giving kids a chance to try snowsports.

100% of the money raised from this surfboard will go to the two charities- 50/50 split.


After the last surfboard went down so well- we spoke another legendary East Coast shaper- Glenn Nary from Visionary Surfboards

‘Make a 6’0 which represents something for everyone Glenn, and make it whatever colour you like’ were the instructions- over to Glenn!

Here’s the evolution of the board:

East Coast Visions 2018. Bringing adventurous trail blazers to enthusiastic trail finders, and raising money for good causes.

Glenn is particularly well known for his excellent paint work, so we left it to him to come up with something he liked. Wait for it….!

Surfboard Raffle for the 2018 East Coast Visions- Visionary Surfboard Hornet


The ‘Hornet’ is an all rounder with some hidden performance. Round nose up top and pin tail at the back, this is a board for both the expert and the novice surfer. Sized in a 6’0 x 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ with around 36 litres, this allrounder board is pure FUN! Without further delay LOOK AT THIS ABSOLUTE BEAUTY:

Visionary Surfboards 2018 East Coast Visions surfboard prize.

There are two ways to enter: firstly, and in particular a good idea if you’re coming to our event- by buying the special ‘WinTheSurfboard’ ticket using Fixr, our ticketing agent. This ticket is £20, allows you entry to the event, and gives you 4 chances to win the board.

Secondly- you can donate £5 per entry using Paypal to the email like our East Coast Visions Instagram or & tag two friends for an extra free entry.

If you donate £20 we will give you an extra entry for free- 5 for the price of 4. And in addition to that- if you use social media then you can get another free entry by liking our post about the surfboard, and @ mentioning two friends who might like to win the surfboard too on our Instagram post which is here:

Instagram Surfboard Raffle

Anyone who buys the ‘WinTheSurfboard’ ticket will have their name added to the list on our instagram. Anyone who enters via Paypal must specify what number they want from 1-150, but if you just send money we will pick number for you. We may add more spots depending on uptake.

Good luck!