2018 Visionary Surfboard Raffle

We are back on the 20th of April 2018 for another instalment of East Coast Visions, and have two great charities to support from our raffle in Surfers Against Sewage and Snow Camp. In short- we’re supporting clean seas and giving kids a chance to try snowsports.

100% of the money raised from this surfboard will go to the two charities- 50/50 split.


After the last surfboard went down so well- we spoke another legendary East Coast shaper- Glenn Nary from Visionary Surfboards

‘Make a 6’0 which represents something for everyone Glenn, and make it whatever colour you like’ were the instructions- over to Glenn!

Here’s the evolution of the board:

East Coast Visions 2018. Bringing adventurous trail blazers to enthusiastic trail finders, and raising money for good causes.

Glenn is particularly well known for his excellent paint work, so we left it to him to come up with something he liked. Wait for it….!

Surfboard Raffle for the 2018 East Coast Visions- Visionary Surfboard Hornet


The ‘Hornet’ is an all rounder with some hidden performance. Round nose up top and pin tail at the back, this is a board for both the expert and the novice surfer. Sized in a 6’0 x 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ with around 36 litres, this allrounder board is pure FUN! Without further delay LOOK AT THIS ABSOLUTE BEAUTY:

Visionary Surfboards 2018 East Coast Visions surfboard prize.

There are two ways to enter: firstly, and in particular a good idea if you’re coming to our event- by buying the special ‘WinTheSurfboard’ ticket using Fixr, our ticketing agent. This ticket is £20, allows you entry to the event, and gives you 4 chances to win the board.

Secondly- you can donate £5 per entry using Paypal to the email donate@eastcoastvisions.co.uk like our East Coast Visions Instagram or & tag two friends for an extra free entry.

If you donate £20 we will give you an extra entry for free- 5 for the price of 4. And in addition to that- if you use social media then you can get another free entry by liking our post about the surfboard, and @ mentioning two friends who might like to win the surfboard too on our Instagram post which is here:

Instagram Surfboard Raffle

Anyone who buys the ‘WinTheSurfboard’ ticket will have their name added to the list on our instagram. Anyone who enters via Paypal must specify what number they want from 1-150, but if you just send money we will pick number for you. We may add more spots depending on uptake.

Good luck!

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