April 2019

East Coast Visions – Cinematic Storytelling

In 2019 Durham Adventure Festival wanted to build on their longstanding collaboration with Kendal Mountain Festival, try something new and mix things up a bit. Curating a multimedia gallery installation and providing additional speakers to the Fringe Stage in the Basecamp was the task for East Coast Visions, and our contribution adds another dimension to the long list of Olympians, World Champions and all out adventurers speaking over the weekend. What a list of names:

Durham Adventure Festival 2019
Presented by curator James Cummings, the ECV stories cover wide ranging adventures; ski touring in South Georgia, backcountry cycling in the Cairngorms, trail running fells of the North East through to surfing the freezing waters of the North Sea and beyond. Each contribution has a strong connection with the North East, and each narrative will shed new light on the things that are right on the doorstep here in this amazing region, waiting to be discovered by those intrepid enough to give it a go.
East Coast Visions @ Durham Adventure Festival 2019.

Chris McClean, Wim Stevenson, Georgie Page, Sally McGee, Anto Baird, Franco Cookson & Gary Fildes’ all speak over the weekend. In the gallery space we’ve got an extended version of Anto’s exhibition- Way Off Piste in the Southern Ocean, which is hung alongside additional award winning video content from Jordy Walker, Tom Bing, In House Films, Jenny Tough, Georgie Page, Chris Green and features additional material from event sponsor, Montane- who we would like to thank for their support.

Georgie Page at Durham Adventure Festival 2019

Closing out the programme on Sunday night will be Gary Fildes’ adventure in South America- Searching For Light. For anyone who has been meaning to get up to Kielder Observatory to see one of Gary’s famous talks, this will be an amazing opportunity to hear some of Gary’s astronomy stories, and get a behind the scenes look at how Searching For Light was made.

Astronomer Gary Fildes
Adding a new, immersive & artistic experience of international and local content for Durham Adventure Festival 2019 was a pleasure. Strap in and enjoy the ride!
East Coast Visions present: Anto Baird
DAF 2019 Gallery Install
Anto Baird- Way Off Piste In The Southern Ocean
Jordy Walker- Needles In Your Face
Tom Bing (ft Sally McGee)- Santiago to San Francisco
Chris McClean – The Cairngorms Are Calling
Georgie Page – SUP Adventures
Chris Green – Explr Nland
Marcus & Jen Scotney- A Day On The Trail
Jenny Tough – Wild Places
Gary Fildes/ in House Films- Searching For Light
Curator: James Cummings