How did we get here, what’s happening next?!

A few years back, while half watching a Ted Talk about how to tie shoelaces better, a few friends were loosely in conversation about the legendary surf film producer Bruce Brown. Bruce was a man who turned his carefully documented life as a surfer in to a tale for the silver screen, producing cult status films, which were entirely funded by the proceeds from ticket sales taken at independent cinemas hired to showcase his way of life. A plan was hatched to drag some friends, unwittingly, on a mission to find some of the mythical and regularly elusive waves of the North East coastline, armed with some of the latest and greatest drone technology. We got lucky on that day- all the planets aligned to send perfect surf to Northumberland, and the drone footage of us, complete with wall-to-wall sunshine and azure blue seas, was truly special. Over fish and chips & a pint later that night we discussed how to do this footage justice, & it was decided to organize a video screening of the footage at a great pub in Beadnell- the Craster Arms. We put up a giant 4 meter wide screen, a top class projector connected to a serious sound system and hit the play button. With a large crowd made up of the fellow adventurers, the anticipation was palpable.

A quiet hush fell over the crowd as the video began, and somehow it seemed for moment that a little magic had come to a pub beer garden. After the main video was shown we invited other people to get involved, and show any videos they had been working on themselves. Kitesurfing, climbing, skiing- all kinds of other interest started coming out of the woodwork. This made for more laughs, and generally surprise- as the contributors narrated their own stories live. Thus was born East Coast Visions- a series of talks by adventurers who tell stories about their extra ordinary lives, with the support of video and photographic imagery, all projected on to a massive screen. With beer.

The next events saw tales emerge from places all across the world- Africa, Brazil, & even Antarctica, and the subject of chasing dreams across different continents often leads to a point where you find yourself considering your environmental impact. Driving & flying are major parts of any trip in to the wild, so in order to do something positive with this concept, we decided to fundraise for charities which aligned with our vision. For the 2017 event we fundraised for Surfers Against Sewage, and American organization ‘Waves for Water’ who did some amazing work with clean water supply in the wake of the terrible hurricanes that tore through the Caribbean last year. In all about £1200 was raised, courtesy of a number of kindly donated raffle prizes including a chance to win a custom made surfboard. With the event now moving into Newcastle it’s time to bring these stories to a wider audience, and we are delighted that all three of our original speakers are on board to tell their surf, kitesurf & ski touring tales, plus the addition of our very special guest- Olympic Bronze medal winner Jenny Jones whose tale of Olympic success on a snowboard is nothing short of inspirational. Jenny has been an ambassador of another amazing charity ‘Snow-Camp’ who help children get their first experiences of the joys of mountain life, so we are delighted to be fundraising for them this time alongside SAS once again.


Like all good days out on the hill, it’s best to get together with your friends and tell few stories and then find a decent party- which is also a fundamental part of the experience of a night at ECV. Join us this time at Tynebank Brewery, Newcastle on Friday 20th and see parts of the world you’ve never seen, hang out with inspirational people & hit the apres.