We’re in MELTDOWN! The Cheese Run is coming!

So, you’ve been battling a mountain all day somewhere in the Alps. Accomplishments made, and targets achieved you down whatever weapons you chose to take on the immovable object, and thoughts turn to dinner. As your body politely asks for a balanced evening meal, with sustenance covering all the major food groups, a little voice pipes up in the back of your mind and starts whispering things about…. cheese.

Cheese, grill, gondola. The stuff of dreams.

As ubiquitous as the mountains themselves, savoyard cuisine is something to treasure about European mountain life, and we’re not stupid enough to organise an event which is supposed to celebrate that life without thinking of the king of all savoyard dishes: the mighty Raclette! And the great news for us is that we knew a man similarly crazy enough to have brought an authentic Ski Gondola all the way from Ishgl just for the purpose of making eating cheese feel a bit more like you’re on holiday. Enter, to rapturous applause, the genius of The Cheese Run

UK’s smallest Gondola Restaurant, serving only the best cheese, pickles, & unreal mountain food.

For the purposes of our event we aren’t actually going to use the Gondola as the smallest restaurant in the UK- mainly because you can only fit 6 people in it, and when you close the doors you cant see or hear the presenters! Instead the Raclette will be firing all night and the gondola will be free for you to get involved in our raffle and ‘Ask Jenny‘.

So basically, for just one night- THE GONDOLA IS OUR PHOTOBOOTH…!

If you have a question for our Olympian┬ámain speaker Jenny Jones, all you gotta do is get in the bubble and take a daft/ nice/ serious picture (selfie or artistic images accepted) of you and whoever you’re with. Upload it to Instagram & tag it with:


Write your question in the body of your post and we only hope that you’re not all completely crazy…..!

We will ask Jenny whatever your questions are at the end of her talk, and she will then decide who wins a raffle prize based on the content you create…!

Don’t forget your ski pass….!

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